Prescriptions (Herbal Remedies)


At 1000 Folded Cranes, we understand that not all patients can “appreciate” the smell or taste of Chinese herbs. Herbs have a raw, organic smell that some have compared to a bitter-spice scent or something derived from plant roots. Instead, we use liquid extracts and powdered granules for all of the formulas prescribed.

We only use herbal supply companies that have demonstrated consistent testing quality and have stringent protocols concerning the use of pesticides and heavy metal processing methods.

Our primary concern is avoiding potentially adverse interactions with western medications. With a thorough review of your medical history and medications, we will determine if particular herbal remedies can be safely prescribed.

Dr. Ragsdale has extensive training in herb-pharmaceutical interactions and makes use of reliable pharmacological resources to foresee and avoid adverse interactions. he is also conservative and judicious about the combined use of western pharmaceuticals and herbal therapies.