Stress and Anxiety

Achieving Balance

Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective substitute for anti-depressants and can assist people who seek to end their dependency on these drugs as well as opioids. Acupuncture works by balancing and regulating a body’s Qi (pronounced, Chee), our vital life force, and energy flow. Acupuncture has numerous physiological and physical benefits including decreasing or normalizing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, reducing cortisol levels, balancing hormones, triggering the healing process, and reducing pain. They all help to off-set the effects of stress. Furthermore, acupuncture relieves feelings of anxiety and depression, making it much easier to deal with emotional cycles from life’s stressors.

At 1000 Folded Cranes Acupuncture, we have worked with thousands of patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and depression, and are always aware of the sacred and vulnerable space that must be held by patients and practitioners.

“Dr. Ragsdale is a great listener and understands my problem. I started
to feel better after my first treatment and begun to see other improvements not related to my stress by my third treatment. I highly recommend him.”
– T. Andelman

After your first treatment you will begin to feel:

Acupuncture can relieve stress and anxiety

  • More relaxed
  • Greater balance
  • Improved energy
  • Greater resilience to stress
  • Less irritability or impatience
  • Improved immune response
  • Improved memory and focus
  • Able to make better choices
  • Improved physical and mental health
Schedule a free consultation to go over your specific condition. We are confident you will be able to see an immediate impact on your well being.”