Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Acupuncture


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Did you know there are natural interventions to help you cure the aches and pains you have after a long day of work? We all know the feeling of getting up after a long typing session. Your fingers cramp…your back aches…your eyes are dry. While most of those things go away with a few stretches, carpal tunnel syndrome does not disappear as easily. Most CTS conditions arise from poor ergonomics for long hours and the symptoms can be uncomfortable, painful, and even incapacitating.


There are a few ways doctors treat CTS. Western medicine relies on splints to immobilize the area. The next step is generally anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone shots. For the worst cases, surgery is an option. All of these protocols have their drawbacks, are at best are temporary and are often times ineffective.  Often the best course of action is to take ownership of your own healing through natural and holistic remedies, such as:



Acupuncture has been used for a variety of sports injuries over the years and more recently, it has proven successful for carpal tunnel syndrome as well. It can improve the symptoms and alleviate pain and discomfort while you begin the process of cutting the problem off at the source.


Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

There are a number of anti-inflammatory herbs that have healing properties that can be used in place of modern prescriptions. Each herb has unique properties and some may work better for you than others, but all of them are natural.


In order to prevent CTS from reoccurring once you solve the immediate issue, you need to examine your lifestyle and ergonomics. Watch how you sit and get an ergonomic chair for your desk. Look into padded wrist supports on your mouse pad and anything else you can do to support yourself properly. Taking breaks frequently, stretching, and occasional walks to change your position can also prevent CTS in the future. If you already suffer from the ailment, combine acupuncture with other natural remedies for the best results.